Get an interest rate of 18% p.a.

We invest in crypto currencies and offer you a fixed
high interest rate of p.a. for funds lent to our company

Welcome to WeDoCrypto

At WeDoCrypto you do not need to be a crypto expert or economist to get a high return on your money


WeDoCrypto is operated by WDC I ApS, a Danish company dealing with buying and selling crypto currencies. It requires technical skills, time, experience and networking to manage the crypto market, as it is volatile and open 24/7.


The team is composed by experiences and competencies from the financial world, to law and crypto currencies. This in conjunction with a common interest and passion for crypto currencies and blockchain technology has led to the foundation of WeDoCrypto.


Both private and businesses can lend capital to WeDoCrypto in which we compensate with an attractive high annual interest rate. As we operate in a highly volatile market, it is important that the funds is marked as high risk capital.

We offer 18% p.a.

The core business of WeDoCrypto is investments of own funds in crypto currencies and the underlying blockchain technology, which shows a huge potential. It is complex and comprehensive to invest in crypto currencies as you need to be constantly updated on technical know how, law and future regulations from the authorities.

Therefore, WeDoCrypto offers an attractive interest rate of 18% p.a. of your funds lent to us and thereafter invested for the risk of our company. Our main priority is to repay your loan with interest rate before we gain any profit.

Michael T. Lund

Michael T. Lund, CEO | Co-Founder

Responsible for the primary decisions in the company and do also participate in the daily investment decisions

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Henrik Lindebjerg Møller

Henrik L. Møller, CIO | Co-Founder

Responsible for investment decisions and daily trades

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