About WeDoCrypto

We are fully focused on investments in crypto currencies and have an experience that enables us to offer you a high attractive interest rate p.a.

Management team

The team is composed by experiences and competencies from the financial world, to law and crypto currencies

Michael T. Lund

Michael T. Lund



Michael has worked within most branches in the financial sector in Denmark and abroad for the past 12 years. However, the main focus has always been on investment and wealth management, as well as the interest in crypto currencies. Michael is responsible for the primary decisions in the company and do also participate in the daily investment decisions.
Henrik Lindebjerg Møller

Henrik L. Møller



Henrik has been interested in bitcoin since its early stages and has gained in-depth knowledge of the crypto currencies and blockchain technology. This has resulted in a broad and well-founded network, which is crucial for dealing with crypto currencies. Henrik is responsible for investment decisions and daily trades.
Kasper Lavlund

Kasper lavlund



Kasper is entrepreneur and has successfully runned several companies over the last few years. In 2013, the interest in crypto currencies caught him and it has since resulted in solid knowledge in the field of everything ranging from technical analysis to portfolio allocation. Kasper is primarily responsible for investor relations.

Michael Lindebjerg Møller

Michael L. Møller



For a number of years, Michael has advised the business community about capital structures and financial transactions. The main focus has been on contractual relations, capital gains and exits with negotiations in Danish / English. Michael is responsible for contracts and compliance.

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Our core business

The core business of WeDoCrypto is investments of own funds in crypto currencies and the underlying blockchain technology, which shows a huge potential. It is complex and comprehensive to invest in crypto currencies as you need to be constantly updated on technical know how, law and future regulations from the authorities.

Therefore, WeDoCrypto offers an attractive high interest rate p.a. of your funds lent to us and thereafter invested for the risk of our company. Our main priority is to repay your loan with interest rate before we gain any profit.

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