We have summed up the most frequently asked questions and answered them here, but you are welcome to contact us if you have further questions

Loan to WeDoCrypto

First step is either a physical meeting or a conference call. Thereafter, according to Danish law, we need identification from you as a lender. Then we will prepare a contract which sets the start date for your loan and the date of repayment. The loan is wired by bank transfer.

You can lend WeDoCrypto from 3,500 eur.

Your funds will be fixed for a period of 12 months. The start- and end date is determined in a contract between you and WeDoCrypto.

You can lend WeDoCrypto private- as well as corporate funds.

Your loan will be repaid with  interest within 12 months.

Your loan will be repaid by bank transfer to your desired account.

Interest rate

The interest of the funds depends on the period in which you enter as a lender. Click here to see our current interest rate.

The interest is determined on a regular basis and lenders are closed into pools with a fixed rate of return which matches our expectations to the crypto market in the coming period. 

It is free to lent funds to WeDoCrypto and we will not take profit until you are fully repaid.

You as a lender

You have no influence on the investment strategy. Your funds is a loan repayable within 12 months.

We do not provide any advice or guidance in crypto currencies. Our positions are not public available.

Once a month we will send a newsletter.


WeDoCrypto cannot be hold responsible for the following risks as we do not control them:

Software errors on exchanges

Hacking attacks

Theft or robbery of codes

Regulation of the crypto market

 Volatility (news, etc.)

Breakdown on a given blockchain

Founders have invested themselves in crypto currencies and therefore have “hands on”.

WeDoCrypto offers an attractive interest rate of your funds lent to us and thereafter invested for the risk of the company.

Please contact us for further information