Terms of Repayment

We have positive expectations for the future crypto market, which is why we offer a high attractive interest rate

We offer 18% interest rate p.a.

You can lend WeDoCrypto from 3,500 eur, at an high interest rate p.a. The interest rate is reflected of our future expectations of the crypto market.

It is free to make the loan available, and in order to hedge and minimize the risk of your loan, we will not take profit until you are fully repaid.

Henrik Lindebjerg Møller

Henrik L. Møller, CIO | Co-Founder

Responsible for investment decisions and daily trades

Example: 10,000 EUR with an interest rate of 18% p.a.

The loan will be available for WeDoCrypto for a predetermined period of 12 months, which can be settled before time

We do crypto

Repayment after 3 months

Principal + 4.5% = 10,450 eur.

Repayment after 6 months

Principal + 9% = 10,900 eur.

Repayment after 12 months

Principal + 18% = 11,800 eur.

Your loan can be repaid within 12 months

The crypto market is very volatile and has periods of huge corrections. Therefore it can be an advantage for you as a lender and us as a borrower to be able to repay your loan including interest rate within the 12 months period. This ensures that your loan is repaid and allows you to enter a new loan agreement when the market once again is beneficial.

Please contact us for further information